Top 6 Best Bass Tubes for Car [2021 REVIEW]


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Who doesn’t love music during any trip or during riding your car? Music is part of everyone’s life, it can make our mood refresh, and with it, if bass quality becomes better, it will be awesome. But it’s not possible to fit many pieces of equipment in a car to make good bass so high. Other than this, we have a solution in bass tubes that can do the same work with their small size, let’s take a look at the Best Bass Tubes for Car.

Bass Tubes get easily fit in any vehicle. Bass Tubes are not compatible with subwoofers, but they can still turn up bass without many rooms. Many of them have a built-in amplifier. Subwoofers are better for bass than tubes, and in terms of spacing, tubes are the best and acquire small space. With all that bass, Tubes can give bass and can simply satisfy music lovers.

Things to consider before taking a bass tube

You can buy any bass tube for your sound system, and you can find them anywhere. However, you also get the best quality bass tubes, but the point is that, Are all of them the best quality and can provide the best facilities? No, nobody is perfect, and it’s only equipment. You will go in a flood of bass tubes of the best quality and features in the market. But it’s not that easy to get any one of them that can make you happy. For this, you must have some basic knowledge.

Here you will get some of the main considerations that everyone must check before buying any of the brass tubes for a car.


Power is the most essential for any of the best bass tubes for the car. You should notify its rating in watt and choose that one can give higher power. Surely you will get two different types of power: peak power and RMS power. Don’t be confused. Peak power is the maximum capacity of power that a speaker can handle. And Root means power is that the speaker can handle for a particular duration of time. So you are aware now and can choose the best for you. The high power that indicates his best bass will get you.


Take that one can give a high-frequency range in the sound and can give the best bass with low-frequency sounds. There are many choices, and you are free to take anyone for your system. Before buying, see all the things that can fit you and complete your needs. Higher the frequency range, the higher the quality of audio.


That’s not a subwoofer that takes space and needs space to get fit in the system. Tubes are of Small size, but still, you must check the size that can save space. And your sound system will not like a trouble for you. There are different size ranges of tube basses 6,8,12, and 15. Look for the size suitable for your car.


That’s an electronic signal to improve Audio and Fidelity. Impedance can be of different range, and you must check it before buying any car bass tube, whether it is of any size. Impedance can differ concerning the size. But you must inspect it so that after the installation, you don’t disappoint. It will let you know how good quality you will get.


It Should not last; that’s the first most important thing to consider before GI to any of the equipment. That’s not a basic investment. It can make your sound system superb or can destroy it. Therefore inspect your investment reach and budget so that you can find the best bass tube for your car within your budget and make it awesome.

There we have seen some basics that one must see before going to buy the best bass tubes for a car. And now you will get some of the best bass tubes of different companies in the market that can satisfy you and your sound system. Let’s begin with it.

Top 6 Best Bass Tubes for car


MTX Audio RT8PT Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size 8inch
  • Power 120 Watt RMS
  • Dimensions 22.58×11.21×11
  • Weight 19.5 pounds

MTX RT8PT is a single amplified tube. That’s the best competitor in the market of bass tubes for cars. It has been leading in the same field for many years. And provide the best quality bass tubes that can make you happy with their features and facilities. However, it can fit into any space. You will get the best design, including external bass control, that makes volume control convenient. That can be the best solution for those who want to put bass without having much space.

Frequency hits from 35 Hz to 250 Hz and amplifier power output of 120 watts. Simply it gives high performance. And you don’t need to make a special space for that. They are designed in that way so that they can easily fit into your car; a small size can give giant bass. You can buy it without any thought; you will be satisfied with its service.

MTX Audio RT8PT 8 inch 240 Watt Loaded Subwoofer Box Enclosure Amplified Tube Vented (4 Pack)
  • INCLUDES: New MTX RT8PT 8" Single Amplified Tube Subwoofer
  • BUILT IN AMP: Built In Amplifier
  • INCREASED DURABILITY: Butyl rubber surround increases subwoofer durability
  • VENTED DESIGN: Vented design increases bass output
  • 4 PACK: This bundle includes a 4 pack of sub-woofers

Powerbass BTA-8 8″ Amplified Bass System

Powerbass BTA-8 8" Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size 8inch
  • Power 150 watt RMS
  • Dimensions 10×10×21.5 inches
  • Weight 19 pounds

BTA-8 includes an enclosed subwoofer that helps you to make your sound system of the next level. That is a simple mono-a-b amp, and Best fit for an 8-inch subwoofer. You find this only one that has its amplifier and one of the best bass tubes for cars. Surely it’s not ignoring that it is not so much popular in the market but gives uncompromising quality that will impress you. Its geometric design maximizes transient response and automatically reduces negative effects.

Straightforward power installation and plugin connectors for the speakers help it to suit your system. Additionally, dual mounting straps mean BTA 8 can easily be taken out of the vehicle when needed extra space.

Included variable remote level control and high or low input compatible with aftermarket radios, that all facilities make it the best bass tube. That allows maximum output in small spaces with its black carpet enclosure with embroidery logo cad. With its beautiful design, it provides high bass and makes your sound more good and lovable.

Powerbass BTA-8 8" Amplified Bass System
  • Black carpeted enclosure with embroidered logo cad (computer aided design) for maximum output in small spaces
  • 8-Inch polypropylene woofer with 40 oz ferrite magnet and pole venting
  • 150 watts RMS mono amplifier (300 watts peak music power) featuring variable gain, low Pass and bass EQ
  • High/ low input compatible with OEM or aftermarket radios
  • Variable remote level control (included)

Rockville RTB10A

Rockville RTB10A Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size not specified
  • Power 250 W RMS
  • Dimensions 10.75×20.86

Rockville RTB10A is one solution for your way. That will be the best choice for your system and comes packed with a 500-watt amplifier that delivers deeper bass than any other featured tubes. In detail, it also comes with a wiring kit that provides true 10 gauge speaker wire, unlike others who are to disappoint.

Rockville is more concentrated on their customers because they know the bass is a must for any music lover. The sound produced by that is amazing and blows your mind. The cylindrical shape of the enclosure helps to focus the movement of bass pressure, so it maximizes that punchy output from both woofers’ faces and tuned rear aero pot.

Frequent responses of 30 Hz to 200 Hz and sensitivity of 108 dB make it much better than any of the best bass tubes for cars. Having adjustable bass crossover, four steel mounting brackets with two canvas straps with Velcro fasteners. That all proves it as the best and most advisable bass tube for your car and for your enjoyment.

Powerbass BTA-8 8" Amplified Bass System
  • Black carpeted enclosure with embroidered logo cad (computer aided design) for maximum output in small spaces
  • 8-Inch polypropylene woofer with 40 oz ferrite magnet and pole venting
  • 150 watts RMS mono amplifier (300 watts peak music power) featuring variable gain, low Pass and bass EQ
  • High/ low input compatible with OEM or aftermarket radios
  • Variable remote level control (included)

Bazooka BT1021DVC

Bazooka BT1024DVC Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size 10 inch
  • Power 250 watt
  • Dimensions 26.9×13×12.5 inches
  • Weight 19.5 pounds

The cylindrical design allows it to amplify sound as much as possible. It also has bass reflex technology that ensures the chance of energy waste at a minimum level. Both directions are used by this to power the bass flow. By the way, it comes packaged with straps and mounting brackets. Allow you to customize its placement while making sure it’s secure.

It can be perfect for any vehicle, easily accessible, and fit in any space. With highly efficient customized woofers and decorative and protective grills, it comes in the top list of tube bass for the car. Also include straps for secure mounting and dual 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer and plastic wooer grill. Its given features and bass produced by it make it the best bass tube for any car.

Bazooka VT1024DCC has a dual passive tube, wiring harness, installation hardware and comes with a specialized design to take advantage of natural amplification characteristics. Susceptible bass tube for those who like deep bass and want equipment that can fit in their vehicle easily and give the best quality. Moreover, its installation is so easy and can fit in available space simply and give better bass sound.

Bazooka BT1024DVC BT Series 10-Inch 4 Ohm Dual Passive Tube
  • 400w Max
  • Dual 4ohm Voice-coil Subwoofer. Plastic woofer grille
  • Includes Mounting Straps. Ported enclosure design
  • Passive Bass Tubes enclosure with dual voice coil 10-inch subwoofer
  • Corner-loading optimization provides maximum bass performance

Alpine SWT-S10

Alpine SWT-S10 Sealed Subwoofer Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size 10 inches
  • Power 250 W RMS
  • Dimensions 27×15×14.5 inches
  • Weight 20.6 pounds

Alpine is one of the most reputed brands in the audio industry. More applicable for any car and its sound system. It is making sound quality best with deeper bass. It comes with mounting straps and having a specialized design for an alpine sub. Also, include a grille and sealed enclosure with black carpet. This will be the best one for any bass lover. Make your system next level. By giving the deepest bass and power handling RMS up to 250 W, it comes in the top line of the bass tube for your car.

Alpine is the best brand in the market that has various products to keep their customer engaging and satisfied. You can find variable sizes and can’t ignore quality facilities. That will not disappoint you by its working and can give the best feature and facility. You should try it for your trip on the road and enjoy the music fully.

Alpine SWT-S10 1200W Max (250W RMS) Single 10" Sealed Subwoofer.
  • Brand: Alpine
  • MPN: SWT-S10
  • Type: Enclosed Non-Powered
  • Speaker Size: 10"
  • RMS Power: 250W

Kicker 46CWTB104

Kicker 46CWTB104 Best Bass Tubes for Car

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  • Size 10 inches
  • Power 400 W RMS
  • Dimensions 10.6×10.6×16.5 inches

The kicker is also a brand that has won many hearts with its products in the market. You also can go for it. You will get a weatherproof enclosure for your music system that can work in any climate and put high bass in the sound. Undoubtedly that will be a great choice if you want quality music.

Polypropylene cones and Santoprene rubber surrounds keep their shape manage to give superior bass quality. That’s a sealed enclosure with a tubular shape that pushes it to give bass-like in the air—included mounting brackets, Gilles, and hardware. In the market you also get a warranty on that so by this you can satisfy your needs first then can decide to keep it in your car.

The frequency range of 25 Hz to 500 Hz with a sensitivity of 85.7 dB. That’s a powerful solution to make any audio high and deeper bass. For their lovers, it is like a blessing that can make their mood so good by its featuring sound. Here you are getting high power handling in a small package. With small size equipment, you can get bass in your car and don’t need to have any specialized space.

KICKER 46CWTB104 10 Inch 400W RMS with 800W Peak Power 4 Ohm Enclosed Tube TB Subwoofer Enclosure with Advanced Heat Management System, Black
  • LOUD SUBWOOFER: 4-ohm subwoofer enclosure with 400 watts of RMS power and 800 watts of max power; Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.625 x 16.56 x 10.75 inches
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: Durable ABS tube design stands up to heavy use and the elements with an advanced heat management system
  • EASY MOUNTING SYSTEM: Mount either horizontally or vertically in your vehicle with the included mounting hardware
  • SPRING-LOADED SPEAKER: Spring-loaded speaker terminals and grilles included
  • FEATURES: Features integrated CompR woofer and reflex sub; Type: Single truck; RMS power: 400 watts; Peak power: 800 watts; Final impedance: 4 ohms; Sensitivity: 85.7 dB


Finally, we have seen the best bass tubes for cars, and you are free to choose anyone by your choice. You have basic considerations also so that you can decide your needs and take a brass tube that can fulfill all your desires.

And as bass tubes are smaller than subwoofers, and we know they can’t beat subwoofers, but they all can give the best bass quality that can surely satisfy you. That’s amazing for the sound lover and also for those who don’t have large space to fit their speakers or subwoofers in their car, but still, they want high bass sound during their trip.

They all can accept bass tubes for their car or small space. I hope it was helpful and I could help you. You also can share it with your friend who is in the same confusion of choosing the best bass tube for cars.

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