Top 9 Best Under Seat Subwoofers for 2021


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There are many different kinds of subwoofers available in the market, and one such subwoofer is the under-seat subwoofer. These subwoofers are very light and compact as they can fit in anywhere without any problem and are also very easy to install, and are also very mobile.

These subwoofers might be very compact and lightweight, but they do not offer the same quality of sound and bass depth as larger subs do. As they are small in size, they cannot provide that same level of car shaking bass, but they can certainly add some punch to your music system and make it sound better.

List Of Best Under Seat Subwoofer In 2021

There are many best under seat subwoofers available in the market, so let us discuss some of the best under seat subwoofers.

1. Kenwood KSC SW-11

Kenwood KSC SW-11- Under seat Subwoofers

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Kenwood is a renowned brand in the car audio system industry, and it has manufactured many fantastic products. The KSC-SW11 is no exception. It is a tiny powered subwoofer that can fit almost anywhere, be it under or behind the passenger seat, in the back wall of a pick-up, or even in a sports car. 

The KSC-SW11 is the perfect option if you are looking to improve your audio system’s bass without compromising your space. It is one of the best under-seats subs as the bass quality is way above other compact subs. 

This subwoofer also has a very high sensitivity rating of 90db. It is very sensitive and highly efficient; thus, it plays louder with less power ( a sub with a higher sensitivity requires less power to deliver the same amount of bass as compared to a model with a low sensitivity rating). This is one of the best in the business.

Kenwood has provided it with an 8-1/4″ x 5-1/8″ woofer that has 75 watts RMS by the built-in amplifier, while the aluminum enclosure eliminates rattles. It comes with a remote control to let you adjust the bass from the driver’s seat. It is also very versatile as the Kenwood KSC-SW11 can also be used in home theatres and media rooms to ensure that the music you hear reaches its full potential.

This subwoofer’s frequency range could’ve been better as there are other subwoofers at this range with a much better frequency range.

2. Kicker Hideaway- Kicker 11HS8 

Kicker-11HS8 Under seat Subwoofers

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The kicker 11HS8 is a very expensive under-seat subwoofer, but the performance level is just like its price, very high.

It is known for its frequency range because at just 3-1/8 inches high and is 14 inches long; the enclosure combines a powerful built-in 150-watt RMS amplifier and an 8-inch sub that can hit low notes. It will rock your ride and add depth and punch to any genre of music you prefer.

The subwoofer comes with a remote bass control to let you adjust bass levels while driving your car. It also comes with an array of fine-tuning controls such as variable +6dB bass boost, adjustable low-pass crossover, phase-canceling switch, and two automatic turn-on options.

If you listen to music and for you, the sound quality is the most important thing, but your car does not have the space to fit a big hefty woofer, this is the subwoofer to go for. 

The price is a bit expensive comparatively, but it is definitely worth its price and can push above its weight.

KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure HS8
  • RMS Power: 150 Watts
  • Ultra-compact powered subwoofer system designed for tight locations
  • Dimension: 13 7/8 x 9 3/8 x 3 1/8
  • 8-inch internal subwoofer
  • 150-watt (RMS, 14.4v) power amplifier

3. SSL LOPRO8 -Soundstorm

SSL LOPRO8 Under seat Subwoofers

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Soundstorm Labs (AKA SSL) is a brand that is making a name on the car audio market, and it is also considered one of the best brands that focus on giving you more audio features for your money. Their main goal is to provide value for money.

This subwoofer is very inexpensive but takes nothing from its price. This is a subwoofer with good built quality, and it carries a significant return on investment. The LOPRO8 is a 10-inch subwoofer with an in-built amplifier in a super-compact ported enclosure. It comes with different tuning controls to adjust your bass and give your music the extra punch it needs.

The subwoofer lacks venting portals, but despite that, the bass it produces is unimaginable. It is equipped with RCA low- and high-level inputs and a remote bass level control, and a soft-delay remote turn.

This is one of the best under seat subs in the market; you don’t have to break the bank for this. It also comes with a year’s warranty.

Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO8 Amplified Car Subwoofer - 600 Watts Max Power, Low Profile, 8 Inch Subwoofer, Remote Subwoofer Control, Great For Vehicles That Need Bass But Have Limited Space, Black
  • BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER: With a MOSFET power supply you get improved switching speeds, better performance with less power from the driver, lower gate-to-drain feedback capacitance, lower thermal impedance for higher switching frequencies
  • VARIABLE LOW-PASS FILTER: A low-pass filter is an electronic circuit that removes all the notes below the filter's frequency setting. You will use the Low-pass filter to primarily keep high notes out of your subwoofer(s)
  • HIGH LEVEL INPUTS: Speaker level inputs are commonly referred to as high-level inputs. It will be used to connect the LOPRO8 to your factory radio or an aftermarket radio that does not have low-level (RCA) inputs
  • LOW LEVEL INPUTS: Line level inputs, also known as RCA inputs or low-level inputs, use RCA interconnect cables to link the LOPRO8 with the source unit. Most aftermarket radios have multiple pairs of RCA outputs that can connect to multiple amplifiers
  • VARIABLE BASS BOOST: Variable Bass Boost allows you to adjust the low bass within the boost range to just the way you like it

4. Rockville RW10CA

Rockville RW10CA- Best Underseat Subwoofer

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The Rockville RW10CA was manufactured to be a complete audio solution for getting great bass without taking up a lot of space. It is not even 3 inches thick, making this a genuinely slim subwoofer.

As it’s an all-in-one solution, the amplifier is built-in as well, making installation and wiring super simple. This sub will grant you 800 watts of peak power and 200-watt RMS. This model is CEA-2006 compliant; it is guaranteed that you will get the power it says.

(It’s one of the only best seat subwoofers on the CEA-2006 compliant market) If you’re looking for a solution to putting great-sounding bass in your car without taking up very much space, the RW10CA is probably the best choice for you. It also has excellent sound quality.

IT also has a frequency response of 20Hz- 150Hz and a sensitivity of 90db. Although, the bass could have been better.

Rockville RWS10CA Slim 1000 Watt 10" Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure
  • Rockville RWS10CA Slim 1000 Watt 10" Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure. 1000 Watts Peak power output.
  • 300 Watts RMS CEA rated. 10" Super Slim Subwoofer. Ultra Stiff Composite Pulp Cone with Kevlar Reinforcement.
  • 3D Molded Acrylic Dust Cap. Expanded & Rolled Steal Basket. High Density Laminated Foam Surround.
  • High Power Strontium Magnet with Ultra Saturated High BL Motor Structure. Vented Core Magnet Motor Structure.
  • 2" High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil. 8mm Washer & Yoke Plates. 13.6mm Peak-to-Peak X-Max. 60oz. Magnet Motor Structure.

5. Rockford Fosgate R2S

Rockford Fosgate R2S Under seat Subwoofers

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The Rockford R2S is a perfect option for a shallow mounted subwoofer to fit under your seat. It might be a bit bigger than other under-seat subs, but it is still a great option.

With this subwoofer, you’ll get 200 watts RMS and 400 watts max, which isn’t the best either. Simultaneously, if you are searching for an under-seat subwoofer, you probably have no room for bass.

The R2S will give you high-quality bass in a small space. The enclosure’s slim design is made explicitly for single cab trucks and fits easily under a car’s seat. This feature alone makes it some of the best under seat subwoofers available in the market.

The voice coil is made from anodized heat dissipation, and the built quality is also excellent. It might just be the perfect replacement for your factory audio components.

There are some distortions at high outputs, and the bass could have been better.

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X10 10" 400W Shallow Car Audio Subwoofer with Mica-Injected Polypropylene Cone and Integrated PVC Trim Ring & Enclosure
  • SUBWOOFER: This is a quality made Rockford Fosgate 10" shallow loaded subwoofer enclosure system that will product a nice deep bass
  • WATTAGE: MAX Power: 400 Watts; Power Handling: 200 Watts RMS
  • FEATURES: The subwoofer features a mica injected polypropylene cone, foam surround, stampcast basket with integrated spider venting, 2" voice coil, 12 AWG compression terminals and enclsoure is made from a durable 5/8" MDF and covered in black carpet
  • SPECIFICATIONS: CEA 2031 Compliant
  • DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of the enclosure are 13.5" x 19.0" x 5.25" (bottom) x 3.25" (top) 34.29cm x 48.26cm x 13.34cm (bottom) x 8.25cm (top).

6. Rockville SS8P

Rockville SS8P - Under seat Subwoofers

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The Rockville SS8P is a compact subwoofer and the perfect sub for your truck or even your SUV. It is a compact 8-inch subwoofer that is slim enough to fit perfectly under the seats of your car. 

Its power rating is decent for the price. It has an RMS of 100watts with a peak power rating of 400 watts. To add to its compact size, the Rockville SS8P has a built-in amp. Therefore, installation is super easy. You don’t need any wires to connect your sub to your amplifier.

The Rockville SS8P is also packed with a number of control and tuning options for an awesome listening experience. It also has a bass boost ranging from 0 to 12dB at 5Hz plus; the subsonic filters also ensure top-quality sound that you can customize to your liking. 

  • The auto-on feature is also delightful as soon as you turn on your car stereo, your amp automatically turns up.
  • It comes with a frequency range of 20Hz – 150Hz. It has got great bass with excellent built quality. However, the bass could have been better in high volumes.
Rockville RockGhost Active Powered 8" Hidden Car Subwoofer Sub For 15"/16"/17" Full Size Spare Tire
  • Features: Rockville RockGhost Powered Car Subwoofer (Amplifier built in). Sub Fits Inside Spare Tire Seamlessly (Goes on top of spare tire so you can leave your spare tire in place). Hidden In Spare Tire - Takes up No Trunk Space. Protected against theft because it is completely hidden in the spare tire. 800 Watts peak output. 200 Watts RMS output. Voice Coil: Single
  • For Full Size Spare Tire Wheel Sizes of 15"/16"/17". Extremely loud (loud enough to vibrate your mirrors). Super clean sound that is musical and will not fatigue your ears. When this is mounted in your spare tire, the sound transmits cleanly and evenly throughout the vehicle without any vibrations or unwanted noises. It actually sounded better and cleaner than an ordinary sub in the trunk. Tunnel air port design.
  • PWM MOSFET power supply amplifier built in. Low level RCA inputs. 8” high excursion Subwoofer. Reverse mounting design. Plug and play installation with wire harness containing power, ground, high level input, remote turn on, and RCA input. Back plate mounts and screws right on top of spare tire. Can also be mounted in trunk or under seat but we recommend mounting it in your spare tire. Flexible rubber surrounds.
  • Wired 20 foot dash remote with adjustable gain, bass boost, low pass crossover filter, and phase control. Deep and clear bass frequency. Auto turn on and turn off. Adjustable Input Sensitivity. Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On. Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit and Overload Protection Circuit
  • Phase Switch: 0° or 180°. Low Pass Filter: 50Hz - 150Hz. Frequency response: 20 Hz – 250 Hz. Bass Boost: 0 - 12dB @ 45Hz. 20 Hz Subsonic Filter. Cast aluminum casing. Requires 10 gauge power wire. Dimensions: 14.17” diameter x 5.7” height. Includes all wiring needed for installation

7. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Under seat Subwoofers

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Alpine has been grabbing a lot of attention in the car audio system market because of its top-quality car stereo components, and the PWE- S8 is no exception. This sub has numerous features that make it a perfect option to replace your truck’s factory stereo. 

This subwoofer is an 8-inch sub that comes with a built-in amplifier. An advantage of an under seat subwoofer that has built-in amps is that they are very easy to install. As it is a shallow mount subwoofer (at just 3 inches), the sub is very versatile and can be installed in any compact space as it requires a tiny space and can be perfect for every car.

The subwoofer has a power rating of 120 watts RMS and a frequency response range of 32Hz to 150Hz. You are sure to get excellent sound output for a wide range of music. You cannot expect seat vibrating bass from under seat subwoofers, and it is the same from this subwoofer. The audio output is clear and crisp yet not too loud

This might be a little too expensive.

Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered 8-Inch Subwoofer , black
  • 8-Inch Subwoofer And 120W Amplifier, Housed Together In A Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • The Compact Size Measures Just 13.5” L X 9” W X 3” D So It Can Be Installed Under Or Behind A Seat In A Truck, In A Sedan’S Trunk Or In An Suv’S Hatch
  • 32Hz-150Hz Frequency Response, Power Rating: 120W Rms. Rca (0.1-4V) / Speaker Input (1.5-30V/Auto Sensing)
  • Rca And Auto-Sensing Speaker Level Inputs Are Located On The Side Panel, Along With Controls For Phase, Gain, Lp Crossover And Remote Sub Level

8. Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10 Vega

Cerwin Vega VPAS10 Under seat Subwoofers

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Cerwin Vega was founded way back in the 1950s. Since then, they have mastered the art of producing a wide range of top-quality subs. The VPAS10 is one of the most powerful subwoofers in the market.

A powered subwoofer is compact and slim that comes with a built-in amp. Unlike most other under-seat subs, with built-in amps, the VPAS10 is very thin (2.6 inches). Making it one of the most compact under-seat subs available in the market today.

It also comes in a case made from cast aluminum for an excellent cooling system. This subwoofer has an 80 watts RMS power rating and measures 13.6″ x 9.6″ x 2.6″ inches. Other features include a knob for remote bass control, a phase switch, adjustable sensitivity, and more.

On the flip side, as expected, it is not very powerful with such a slim sub. Its frequency response is between 75 to 159Hz.

It is very tiny with a very loud and clear sound quality. They also provide a wired remote for convenience. The bass, though, could have been better.

Cerwin-Vega VPAS10 10" 2Ω 550W Max / 200W RMS Powered Active Subwoofer Enclosure + Bass Knob
  • Power Handling: Peak: 550 watts RMS: 200 watts
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply/Thermal Protection Circuit Remote Subwoofer Control Included RCA and High-Level Inputs
  • Delayed Soft Remote Turn On Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Variable Bass Boost: 0 - +12 dB Variable Low-pass Filter: 85 - 150 Hz
  • Constant Subsonic Filter: @ 35Hz Selectable Phase : 0 or 180 degrees

9. Pioneer TS-SWX2502

Pioneer-TS-SWX2502 Under seat Subwoofers

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Pioneer is the top producer of car audio components. They have been in the automotive audio industry for years, and all their products are excellent. The right product that showcases just how Pioneer is doing what they do best is the TS-SWX2502 subwoofer. It is the perfect powered shallow mount under seat sub.

The bass output of this tiny sub is impressive because of the top tech used in making it. The sub’s design has an oversized cone. This greater size allows your sub to provide that extra punch that lacks in most under-seat subs. The cone is very solid and is made from MICA injection-molded resin. Thus, your sub will serve you great music for years.

  • It has a frequency response of 20Hz- 200Hz with a sensitivity of 93db.
  • The installation process is straightforward, and the built quality is very durable.
  • The sound output could have been much better.
PIONEER 10" 1200W Shallow Box with WOOFER
  • 1, 200w Max / 300w RMS
  • 2 ohms Single Voice Coil
  • Rubber Surround
  • Fully Covered Steel Mesh Grille
  • Carpeted Enclosure with Embroidered Logo


These under seat subwoofers are compact, and they all have their size and looks, and all have their configuration. These subs might not give you the best bass and quality boost, but it is still an upgrade to your factory-installed audio system. Their weight and size are a significant boost to their products and sales, so choose the best one for you and the one that fits your budget.


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