Best Flip-Out Head Units [UPDATED 2021]


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We can understand how difficult it is to choose a head unit for a car that can give the best functionality. But you are here; then it’s our responsibility to provide you with the suggested units so that you can get them for your lovely car and enjoy. Flipout car stereo is the best way to entertain. Whenever we buy a car and also some of you, have right now. 

There is no radio and lack of on-screen display, but we buy that by seeing the budget. However, everyone likes entertaining equipment during a ride or a long way. So for this, a flip-out head unit is the best in the market. And there is a long chain of such products and brands waiting for adorable customers like you. 

These flip-out car stereos come with their own features and improve the audio of your car. Before going to the market, you should know some considerations to inspect the best flip-out car stereo. Let’s go there first.

Important features to look for:


There are several components to consider with the head unit. Mainly, you should check whether it is compatible with your car cabin or not. If you are a daily rider and love displays, you will want a big unit in the car’s middle for comfortable vision. Some units will work with your backup camera, dash cams, and other devices in appearance factor. 

Make sure you find absolute compatibility with your flip-out head unit, and it can make you satisfied. Mind your car size, and following that, you can choose a head unit. There is no matter of a big flip-out car stereo head unit if your car doesn’t have space for that.

Bluetooth Capability

Most of the head units work with Bluetooth, but some old models can not have this quality. So be aware of the Bluetooth capability and buy one that can give Bluetooth facility. Therefore you can enjoy music streaming wirelessly from your phone and also can attend phone calls.

Using a phone while driving is an offense in the law, and here you can use your phone without a physical connection and can entertain whenever possible. Bluetooth will allow you to use your best flip-out car stereo without using your hands or take them physically.

Screen size

I know there is no need to detail it. You know why this should come into consideration. Seemingly nowadays, we all want a large screen on every device; it’s your choice whether you want a small screen size or a large one. You must care about the space available.

Besides everything, it is advisable that you also have a large screen to see it better. The larger screen saves your time and so that you can concentrate on other things and can see effortlessly on the screen. The screen is a must for lovers who like to have an extensive view of the display and enjoy songs with pictures.


It is a must thing you have to consider. It’s only you who can decide what you want, what you need and what amount you can spend or what’s your budget for that. If you don’t have much money to invest, it’s advisable to take the best flip-out head unit.

Always purchasing a reputed brand doesn’t matter if it is in small amounts. So that you can get the best features and quality, and you can enjoy it fully. You should purchase things in your budget, but still, you should inspect the components provided by the device.

GPS navigation

Additionally, with the Bluetooth facility, most of the flip-out car stereos come along with GPS as well. We can see most of the cars come with things like Android Auto built into the display to make it more featuring. 

To get a GPS, you have to pay some more amount, but it’s a useful feature that will help you keep your phone away, and the location will automatically be in front of you. GPS navigation, we all know, helps to make you or find your way to the destination.

Picture quality

If you are spending a large amount, then absolutely it’s the most important thing you will get with your flip-out head unit. Picture quality depends on what brand you are going to buy. 

The installation also affects its quality, and if you are a professional, it is better; otherwise, you can ask someone to install it in your car space. It’s an obvious thing if you are buying any display device. However, it should show a more precise picture so that it must look fantastic.

So now, we have done what we should check before getting the best flip-out car stereo for a car. Below you will find some of the best brands for head units, and surely you will like them.

Best Flip-Out Head Units

Pioneer AVH-3500NEX

Flip-Out Head Unit

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You will love it, and it is usable for a long while. It’s a tremendous head unit that will make you fully satisfied. It is compatible with all types of android and iPhones. It also has a microphone for hands-free calling. With all that, it also comes with physical remote control. You will get other features too, and it can work better with pioneer free app radio applications.

Up mostly, it’s easy to install it in your car and deliver remarkable features. You can fit it into a single Din opening, specially built for smart modern phone-driven users. You will get impressive features like Apple Carplay compatibility, weblink compatibility. Navigation for any intelligent head unit is a must, and you get it in the beat flip-out head unit. It also can work with Pandora and SiriusXM and comes with selectable parking assist guidelines.

With 7 inches of size, the screen gives the best resolution of 800×480 pixels, with five distinct colors, dimming control, and other options. Indeed you will get attracted to it if you really want the best head unit. 

Pioneer AVH-3400NEX 7" Display Single-Din In-Dash NEX DVD Receiver
  • Motorized Display
  • Compatible With Apple Carplay, Android, Auto, Appradio, Mode +, Flac Audio, Spotify & Pandora Internet Radio
  • Siri Eyes Free With Compatible IPhone
  • Music Streaming & Hands-free Calling With Compatible, Bluetooth - enabled Devices
  • 1.5a USB Port

Jensen CMR3710

Flip-Out Head Unit

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Jensen is the best one that can win your heart easily. Affordable price with such a decorated gadget will surprise you. If I am going to talk about the screen, then you will be glad ahead in time by getting this. That will blow your mind. Its feature allows you to mirror phone content on the screen. You will get the option to install a rear backup camera to be aware of your surroundings. You can enjoy podcasts, news, music, and many more with that.

The 7-inch resolution screen gives the best Picture quality and responsiveness when at work. An Am or FM is an accessible facility and SiriusXM tuner ready. Bluetooth feature and best audio streaming. Front panel USB input with 1 A charging rear USB input with 1A charging front camera RCA input front panel 3.5 mm and many others can define its best quality.

It doesn’t support Apple iOS devices, Android OS devices, USB, or card readers for your information. Besides all that, it’s a fantastic head unit, and definitely, you will like it. You should buy it if you need a large screen and want to get your surroundings in front of your eyes.

Jensen CMR3710 Single Din 7" Motorized Touchscreen Digital Multimedia Receiver (Does not Play CD's)
  • 7" Motorized touchscreen LCD (800x480)
  • Rear USB input with 1A charging
  • Front panel 3.5mm AUX input
  • 200 Watts max power (50W x 4)

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B

Flip-Out Head Unit

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Low in budget and still want the best flip-out head unit for your car, then it is the best one for you. With a high clarity 7, a” WVGA touch panel is enough to get you the best view. It has unique functionality. You can hook it up with your rearview camera and can watch what is in the surrounding.  You will get compatibility for both Android and Apple devices, and indeed, as a smart unit, it has Bluetooth support for calling and streaming.

The SDHC card reader reads up to a 32GB SDHC card for MP3 audio and MP4 video playback and views or saves photos. With that, you also get full operational touch screen control. Rearview cameras help to get a picture of the surroundings. Having built-in Bluetooth 2.0 makes it safe to receive calls, scroll contact lists, and stream MP3 via your smartphone.

Software interface e is so friendly, and it also has AM/FM combo radio so you can listen to local news and music channels on your way. Somewhat nothing is perfect, and it also can have some cons, but besides all, it’s a powerful flip-out head unit and gives you the best experience.

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B In-Dash DVD AM/FM Receiver with 7-Inch Flip-Out Touchscreen Monitor and USB/SD Input
  • Built-in Blue Tooth 2.0: Safely make and receive hands-free phone calls, scroll contacts lists, and stream MP3's via A2DP from your enabled Smartphone
  • SDHC Card Reader. Read up to a 32gb SDHC card for MP3 audio and MP4 video playback, or view & save photos with the JPG photo viewer.
  • Full Operation Touch Screen Controls. You'll find navigating through the extensive features of PTID-8920B an ease with a tap of the screen to access all menus and settings.
  • Subwoofer Output: Power a subwoofer amp with the included 80Hz low-pass crossover RCA output
  • Rear View Camera Input: Stay clear of objects your mirrors can't see with a rear view camera connected to the triggered camera input.


Flip-Out Head Unit

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That will make you happy because its best quality features depend upon the PLT85BTCM model. It is the best flip-out head unit that has both Bluetooth and wifi support streaming and download facilities.  With this, you also get a full 7 inch HD TFT LCD screen with 1024×600 pixels. It will be the best one to watch your favorite songs on a better screen display. The Android OS version is 5.1 lollipop, and the Quad-core processor powers the whole unit. For this, you can use various apps. 

With this, you get a GPS navigation system that also can feature an integrated google maps setup. That will be safe to take to your destination, comes with a power and wiring harness and chassis mounting case frame. Similarly, it has powerful software and hardware that is a 7-inch Android stereo receiver. The dash car deck console will allow you to connect various devices like iPhone, MP3, MP4, or any other. It gives the ability to surf the web and applications with a multi-touch capacitive display screen.

It will give high-quality audio, and a reliable design makes it more attractive. Easy installation is another norm of this best flip-out head unit for cars with all components needed. It is the best for your needs and makes your journey more joyful.

Pyle Single DIN In Dash Android Car Stereo Head Unit w/ 7inch Flip Out Touch Screen Monitor - Audio Video Receiver System w/ GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, Microphone, USB Micro SD Reader - PL7ANDIN
  • POWERFUL SOFTWARE HARDWARE: The Pyle 7 Inch Android Stereo Receiver runs on Android 51 with Quad-Core 12 GHz Cortex CPU Features user-friendly UI interface, full touch screen tablet style functionality, 16GB built in memory
  • WiFi BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: This vehicle audio video head unit features Bluetooth and WiFi streaming, allows you to play music, movie or surf the internet Keep your eyes on the road during calls with the built-in mic for hands-free call answering
  • CONNECT YOUR DEVICES: The indash car deck console unit allows you to connect various devices such as iPhone, tablet, MP3, MP4, MP5 or any device w/ 35mm connectors to the AUX IN, USB port for flash drive or media device, and an SD card reader
  • DEPENDABLE NAVIGATION SYSTEM: This universal auto single DIN radio has an easy to use pre-loaded automotive navigation app software with integrated maps, turn-by-turn voice direction assistance, visual map guidance and statistics display
  • MOTORIZED FOLD-OUT MONITOR: The in dash car amplifier features a hi-resolution 7inch full HD 1080p display monitor with touchscreen control operation It folds in and out in just a push of a button

Soundstream VIR-7830B

Flip-Out Head Unit

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It’s really tough to get a budgeted single DIN flip-out head unit in the market. But here is one for you that can make your pocket useful and best for middle-class consumers. VIR-7830B comes with the best functionality at a low rate and is better than other flip-out car stereos.

Its 7-inch touch screen display, Bluetooth, CD or DVD player make an excellent function. Also, it comes with a USB as well as AUX and RCA ports. You are allowed to use it for iPod and iPhone. You can connect up to a 32 GB flash drive for MP3 audio and MP4 video without any worry. Built-in microphone for clear and distortion-free voice calling. The broad array of connectivity options make you able to stream music and videos easily. 

Everything will be best with a USB connection. You can share things with your phone and SD cards without any trouble, as for its price you also get the best sound quality and all features will amaze you. Surely Your budget will be enough for it.

Power Acoustik PDN-721HB

Flip-Out Head Unit

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Power Acoustik is a fantastic head unit best in GPS navigation, or if you need a way to your destination, then from the core, you will get it. It has a pro-level navigation system that’s the best gadget factor.  With all those features, it also has a GPS antenna and many others. It will make you happy with its features so without any thought you can take it.

Its 7-inch touch screen gives a clearer view. Phone link integration allows you to use it fully with smartphones and tablets. And a bonus for the chance to reboot them back to their life.   This single DIN Bluetooth car stereo is fabulous with functionality. CD or DVD you can use any drive with it. Front and rear USB input SD card, you can also use them to share folders and audio and video playback. A 10 band parametric equalizer makes music worthwhile tuned.

Overall it will make you satisfied, and surely you will be okay with it if it comes to your car. If the wireless remote control is not enough, then PDN-721HB makes steering wheel control ready. Other features you will find when you get them and facilities will impress you. It’s advisable for every music lover and wants GPS navigation too. 

Power Acoustik PDN-721HB Single DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver w/ 7" Touchscreen and Navigation , BLACK
  • Single DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo Receiver w/ 7" Touchscreen, Navigation
  • Power Output: Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels RMS: 17 watts x 4 channels
  • iGO Primo navigation built-in, GPS Antenna included, 17 Million Points of Interest programmed in
  • CD/CD-R/RW , MP3/MP4 Playback MP3/WMA/MPEG1/MPEG2 Playback via USB
  • Front and Rear USB Input SD Card reader for audio and video playback


That all was about some of the best flip-out car stereos for your car. We have discussed some features one should check before buying any head unit. And after that, we also have seen some best brands of flip-out car stereos. So you are fully prepared to take one for your car, and I hope that was helpful for you.

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