Best 1-Ohm Stable Amplifiers Competition Grade [2021 UPDATED]


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Sitting in a car and going somewhere beautiful feels very nice, but a vehicle with a good music system is like icing on the cake; you can enjoy the drive better, lift your mood and even turn a boring trip into a fun ride.

A car’s music system is an unimportant part of a car, and a car can function adequately without a music system, but a good music system with good 1-ohm stable amplifiers can change the whole picture of your car.

A good car deserves a good music system because it just doesn’t make the car look or sound better, but it also improves the riders’ entire experience.

Most of the cars have factory-installed music systems, but you can elevate it to the next level with the help of a stable amplifier. There are many features of a good car amplifier so let us discuss some factors we should consider before buying an amplifier.

Things to consider before buying good 1-ohm stable amplifiers


One of the most important things before buying a product is to look at your budget. It helps you make the picture clearer, knowing what you want and what you can afford. Everything comes at a price, in the same way, the best amplifiers come at high prices, but some amps are decent at lower prices.

Being clear about your budget lets you know what you can choose and what you have to sacrifice. You might have to choose between more power or better audio quality or vice versa. Selecting your budget is very important.

Size of the amplifier: 

Choosing the right size amplifier is crucial because you need to make sure that you don’t buy an extra-large amplifier and expect it to fit under your seat. Many amplifiers might be small but still, produce a lot of clean and high power.  

Most of the small amplifiers work well, and is compact and smaller is the new trend as it is compatible in cars of all sizes as it gives you extra for yourself. Most small amps put out 150watts into each of their channels and still fit in perfectly under your seat.

Amplifier wiring: 

Good wiring is a sign of good 1-ohm stable amplifiers as it makes it more durable and can handle the heat in your car. Oxygen-free copper is the best-preferred wiring. Don’t be misled into buying CCA kits as they are coated with copper from outside and have aluminum on the inside. 

Good copper wiring is essential as copper is an indefinitely better conductor of electricity.

The amplifier features: 

When you buy a particular product, there are specific requirements from your side, so make sure the amplifier does what you want it to do. Does it have high-level inputs for you to tap in your factory deck? Is it stable to your desired/ require ohm load? Does it have a subsonic filter for your subwoofer? 

It would help if you were sure what you want from your amplifier, you can ask them in the shop, and they will know.

Warranty of the amplifier: 

This might not sound important to you, but it is. Most manufacturers would not honor a warranty unless you purchased the amp from an authorized retailer. Every brand has its distribution chain, and make sure you find out if they are one of them because most of them provide you with cheaper and get attracted to it but make sure you are purchasing from the right person. 

Everything is available on the internet, so find out before purchasing from any seller in the market.

Some of the best 1-ohm stable amplifiers

We have talked about the important things that we need to consider before buying good 1 ohm stable amplifiers. Now, let us discuss some 1-ohm stable amplifiers available in the market. All these amps are of the best quality. They have got the best reviews from their respective customers.

Skar Audio RP-1500. 1D

Skar Audio RP-1500.1DM

Price: $189.99

This amplifier can deliver some serious current to the demanding subs. This amplifier has premium internal circuitry, which makes it very powerful and reliable, plus it has a high-speed MOSFET power supply with an advanced PCB board layout. At this price range, it is a very good product.

The amplifier comes with dual speaker terminals with easy connection to multiple speakers. The design allows several amplifiers to channel power to one source.

It has oversized 1/0-gauge power and input terminals, which helps you achieve the current’s maximum flow. It also allows for easy and fast installation.

This amplifier achieves great sound quality with the help of the internal filters and a variable subsonic filter with a range of 50 Hz. The wired bass remote provides further control of the amplifier.

If you prefer a more powerful amp, then there is also a 4500 watts option for you as it not only provides more power, but it is very easy to install, and the system is a great factor to consider.

Genius Audio GHD-3000

Genius Audio GHD-3000

This is a powerful amplifier at 3598W RMS. The frequency response of this is between 10Hz and 15Khz. This high frequency often tends to disrupt the sound quality but at a lower frequency means it gets more balanced when it comes to the treble and the bass.

The amplifier runs on both high and low voltage of 12.6 and 13.8 VDC, giving users a great amount of versatility in power output without compromising audio output quality at all. The amplifier’s circuit has a protection system that could be vital in shielding your sound installations from overloads and short-circuiting and protecting them from any type of harm.

It also comes with low pass frequency filters that let you increase your speakers’ output between 80Hz – 15Khz. The tuning can prevent distortion by setting maximum level limits for signals.

This product has a very good build with the metal. Therefore, you can expect many years of durability from this amplifier. It also has many input terminals and plugging ports for various connections, which can help you enjoy music from different sources; the versatility is a big bonus in this amplifier.

Hifonics BRX1516.1D Brutus

Hifonics BRX1516.1D Brutus

Price: $181.95 

If you are someone who loves high-quality audio in the car with good treble and bass, then this is the amplifier for you. Hifonics have a 1500 watts sized amplifier, which can function at 1 ohm at a stable 1500 watts. It can also perform at 2 ohms and 4 ohms. It also has an RMS rating of 550 watts per channel.

This is a good performance as it delivers over a frequency response of 10Hz to 250Hz. The amplifier also has a variable low pass filter of 35Hz to 250HZ, a variable subsonic filtering range of 15Hz to 35Hz, and a bass boost of 0-10dB at 45Hz.

This amplifier has superb sound and safety features. It also uses the D- Class circuitry, which allows it to have a higher bass response with no audio quality decrease.

The D- class circuit makes use of the Modulated MOSFETS technology. This is used in music production to achieve a powerful performance without distorting the quality of the sound.

The circuitry features a protection system catering to thermal risks and overload and protects the unit against short speaker protection.

The aluminium alloy vented heat-sink protects the entire amplifier, an inbuilt system diagnostic application for checking any errors automatically and responding independently. It has also had good hardware as it has its bass knob equalizer to control the bass to match different music genres.

DC Audio DC1.2K-A3

DC Audio DC1.2K-A3 1450W

Price: $384.99

This is a solid amplifier with good built quality, with 16 volts for up to 1450 watts. This is an amplifier with good potential. It also has a 1200-watt model. The amplifier is loaded with high-speed digital circuitry and features high-quality chokes, capacitors, and coils so that the amp responds immediately to volume changes.

You will also experience a smooth transition from low to high volume and vice versa, no matter how fast you turn the knob.

The bass boost in this amplifier is very clean and has minimum distortion with plenty of clarity and well-defined notes even in the sub-100 Hz range, which is phenomenal.

Rockford Fosgate P500X1BD punch

Rockford Fosgate P500X1BD

Price: $299.99

The punch P500X1BD is a mono amplifier that is capable of 500 watts into a 1-ohm load. The Class-BD technology produces bass more effectively over traditional amps, and the frequency of this amp allows it to be optimized for subwoofers. The amplifier comes with a class-bd circuit, which has a very good quality bass.

It has a 1-ohm capability but can easily drive subwoofers of 4-ohm and a quad configuration of 2-ohm. The amplifier might not require a signal converter when working with this amp. Its RCA inputs can accept High and Low audio signals, saving you the trouble of acquiring and installing line output converters.

Rockford Fosgate P500X1BD has its onboard amplifier. This feature lets the user control the quality of the sound quality output. The amplifier also tends to push more than its stated watts. Overall, the product is a good value for the price.

Planet audio PL 4000. 1D

Planet Audio PL4000.1D Class D Car Amplifier

Price: $109.99 

This is a very budget-friendly amplifier, but it still makes a remarkable amount of power delivery as it is suitable for all kinds of vehicles with a bass delivery at 1-ohm without hampering your car’s electrical system. It is designed for a 1-ohm subwoofer, but it is versatile enough to handle a 4-ohms sub-woofer. It has a power handling capacity of 563 watts, and its full power is 2250 watts.

Several features lend this amplifier its performance levels; a subsonic filter, a variable low pass crossover, a remote subwoofer control to gain control, and switchable input sensitivity.

The PL4000.1D was designed specially to offer clear and powerful bass delivery. This is achieved with the help of the infrasonic filters, which protect the subwoofer from ultra-low bass levels and affect the bass quality, which prevents the distortion of the sound quality.

Although this amplifier does lack durability. We observed that the bass performance levels tended to lose their crisp, clear quality at high-performance levels. This is what we can expect from an amplifier of this price range, but this is a good deal at this price.

DS18 Gen-X3000.1D

DS18 GEN-X3000.1D 3000w

Price: $229.95

The DS18 GEN-X3000 has a very versatile powder handling system. At 1 ohm, the RMS power of the amp is 1000 watts. There is another option with 300 watts the options you have for your power needs is unlimited.

It comes with the Forced Cooling System, which increases the longevity of your sound system. The feature prevents the machine from overheating. 

The amplifier also comes with a power-efficient design. The amp can work without the need for a high–output alternator. This has very less or no chances of damaging your system.

With the low pass filter’s help, you get a high-quality sound, which balances the power and frequency in your amp. The low pass filter improves the sound quality by rejecting signals of higher frequencies.


Good 1-Ohm Stable Amplifiers amplifiers are important parts of a car, and it elevates your car to another level, but a better amp comes at a higher price. You have to pay the price for everything, but there is some value for money deals, but with these deals’ longevity, you can enjoy some great audio in your car. Select your favourite amp and go for it and enjoy your rides.

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